How Effective is Home-use IPL Hair Removal Handset

The Effectiveness of Home-use IPL Hair Removal

In today’s day and age, there are many forms of hair removal practices such as shaving, waxing, tweezing, laser hair removal, and many more. Temporary hair removal is affordable while long-lasting hair removal can be quite costly to many. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, we can now achieve long-lasting hair removal through home-use IPL hair removal devices.

A handset that is designed for convenient usage for those who want to achieve permanent hair removal at the comforts of their home and at the fraction of clinic IPL package cost.

Due to its recent availability to the general public, many people do wonder about the effectiveness of removing hair with IPL handset. In this article, we will explain the technology behind IPL hair removal and how effective home-use IPL hair removal handsets are for different individuals.

How Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

IPL stands for “intense pulsed light”, it works in delaying hair regrowth through the selective photothermolysis principle. It uses a multi-spectrum light, where the wavelength output is calibrated to selectively be absorbed by the hair’s melanin. Melanin is what makes the pigment in our hair dark in color. The light emission absorbed by the melanin transforms into thermal energy causing thermal damage to the treated structures.

The calibration of the wavelength is made to ensure no generalized damage to all neighboring structures in the treated area, but only to the specific targets, which is the melanin within the hair. IPL is only effective in treating hair during the anagen phase, which is when the hair follicle is active and the melanin concentration in it is greater.

Several sessions are needed to achieve the desired result, to allow the hair, not in its active phase and thus not targeted by the previous treatment to enter the anagen phase and be eliminated with the following one.

Difference Between Clinic IPL Hair Removal vs Home-use IPL Hair Removal Handset? 

Professional Clinic IPL Hair Removal 

A course of professional hair removal treatments at reputable clinics is more expensive than a home-use device. The cost will depend on where you live, the size of your treatment areas and if you want IPL or laser. Laser is more expensive compared to IPL as it has advanced configurations that allow it to treat different skin colors and hair types.

IPL hair removal at clinics gives assurance when it comes to the safety of treatment, and generally requires only 1 session every 3-4 weeks but needs a couple of sessions (estimate of 8-10 sessions) to really see results. Keep in mind that results will be long-lasting, but a follow-up package sign-up may be required to maintain the results. Hence, travel and long-term cost to achieve hair removal results should be considered when signing up for an IPL package.

Check out some of the top laser and IPL hair removal clinics in Kuala Lumpur here.

Home-use IPL Hair Removal Handset

Generally, a home-use IPL hair removal handset could cost from a range of prices. You could find an unbranded handset that costs RM 400 to a branded one such as by Philips that come up to RM2000. One may ponder the safety and risks of using an IPL handset that is of an unbranded and affordable price. However, manufacturers these days do ensure consumer appliances are safe and easy to use by considering safety factors, needs and capabilities of a variety of users.

As these appliances may be accessible to children or their use attempted on unsuitable skin types without full awareness of potential side effects. Studies have shown that home-use hair removal devices can result in high hair reduction efficacy after a short treatment regime. Long-term and less frequent (once in six weeks) maintenance treatment over a year can sustain hair reduction even one year after the start of treatment. Home-use hair removal devices can be a useful complement to professional clinic treatments as “companion” products.

Keep in mind that hair removal devices can be used effectively as stand-alone products by the consumer if they are willing to adopt a regime of regular or frequent use.

How Effective Is Home-use IPL Hair Removal?

IPL hair removal method is not suitable for everyone due to how it’s technology works at delaying hair growth. Results efficacy vary from person to person, some factors include skin tone color, coarseness of the hair, hormone levels, and diligence of treatment completion.

Here are the skin tone ranges that are suitable for IPL hair removal:

Skin Tone Ranges For IPL Hair Removal

If one has fair skin with dark colored hair, IPL handsets will work well in delaying hair growth for a long lasting hair removal effect. People with coarse hair may require a higher power setting for these home use IPL handsets as a lower setting may just be breaking down the surface of the hair and not the actual bulb within the follicles. We have compiled some results from our Shero ICE IPL hair removal handset users, each has their own body hair and skin profile type to show how different people achieve hair removal with IPL handsets differently.

IPL Hair Removal Results Week 1 vs Week 4

The user above has medium to coarse underarm hair, she had IPL hair removal done previously at a clinic but has stopped for two years, hence her underarm hair is sparse. After using Shero for 4 years, she instantly got significant results. Her regrowth is slower, more bald spots are seen and there is a finer regrowth of hair. The user used level 4 to 5 power settings following our treatment schedule based on her skin tone.

IPL Hair Removal Results Week 6 vs Week 8

By week 6, there were more bald spots and many of the hair follicles had decreased in size, reducing the pores and even finer hair regrowth. By week 8, the user’s underarm hair has overall stopped growing and achieved smooth hairless skin.

IPL Hair Removal Results Before and After 9 Weeks

Here is another user that has a tanner skin tone with coarse leg hair. The user attempts using Shero ICE IPL handset for 9 weeks following our suggested treatment schedule, which is a lower power setting of level 3 to 4 with a more frequent usage per week. She manages to achieve overall hairless skin within 9 weeks and the pores have overall closed. At this point of her treatment, she will convert to less frequent usage of the IPL handset to maintain her results. The user also expressed that she was able to perform her treatments at level 4 due to the cooling feature that Shero ICE provides that makes the overall treatment process painless.

IPL Hair Removal Results For Men Before and After Shaving

IPL Hair Removal Results For Men After 6 Weeks

IPL hair removal is also suited for men to use. The user above attempted to use the Shero ICE IPL handset on his upper thigh as a test. He has very coarse hair, and the pores are noticeable post-shaving. After 6 weeks of consistent usage at level 3 power setting, bald spots have formed where pores have reduced or closed with sparser hair regrowth. Hair regrowth has stopped or delayed as the photo is taken 3 days post-treatment. To achieve overall hairless skin, more treatment has to be performed with a higher setting.

Based on our user results, a higher power setting on an IPL handset does result faster in achieving overall smooth skin. However, users should be aware of their skin tone and not use too high of a power setting when one has a darker skin tone, as that could result in burns.

Most IPL handsets come with a manual book that gives recommendations of treatment used to achieve long-lasting hair removal. Home-use IPL handsets are effective at removing unwanted body hair if users are persistent with their treatments and following the recommended power output usage.

If you are still unsure if home-use IPL hair removal handsets are for you, always consult the seller of the handset before purchasing one. Here at Shero, we are always available in giving a free consultation through our Instagram DM or through email.


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