C- IPL Permanent Hair Removal Handset

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Meet the Newest IPL Hair Removal Handset in the market!

SHERO presents an upgraded version of IPL permanent hair removal handset with a premium touch: 999,999 flashes with an indicator screen, better ventilation system, faster automated flashing speed, smooth silicone finishing for a better grip, and safety. The SHERO C-IPL Permanent Hair Removal handset can be used on most body parts including the face and bikini area. It works by using a calibrated - intense pulsed light to destroy unwanted hair follicles. Visible results can be seen in 6 weeks!

Say no more to waxing and get a long-lasting solution at a fraction of clinical laser cost and do it safely at home!

New upgrades include:

  • Longer lifespan with 999,999 flashes that last up to 5 - 8 years.
  • Stronger pulse energy level for those stubborn thick hair.
  • Improved operating buttons with an LCD screen that indicates flash counts and settings.
  • Better device ventilation system (no heat built up in device).
  • Quick flash intervals during the automated mode.

Start your Shero Journey today!

Product Details

Light source: Calibrated - Intense Pulsed Light
Screen: LCD
Intensity level: 1 to 5 adjustable level
Lifespan: 999,999 flashes, up to 5 years 
Certification: CE & ROHS, FCC
User Gender: Universal
Shipment: 3- 5 days 

Skin tone compatibility:

IPL Skin and Hair Compatibility Chart

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