C-IPL Permanent Hair Removal Handset

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✨ Say goodbye to those toxic relationships with waxing and painful lasers because Shero's permanent hair removal handset is back and it's better!

Meet our new and improved device, a bigger sister to our previous CPL hair removal handset. 

What's new?

  • Longer lifespan, contain 999,999 flashes that last up to 5 years.
  • Stronger pulse energy level for those stubborn thick hair.
  • Improved operating buttons with an LCD screen that show flash counts and settings.
  • Better device ventilation system (no heat built up in device).
  • Quicker flash intervals during automated mode.

✕ Pain    Waxing Anxiety    Harmful UV

Convenient  Privacy 


1. Shave in the direction of your hair growth before every treatment.  
2. Plug in your shero device. 
3. Wear your shero sunglasses.
4. Turn on the device, and position the flash head on the treatment area (underarm, arms, legs, and face).
5. Press the flash button for manual flashes or hold the button for automode. 
4. Apply moisturizing lotion for skin rejuvenation. 
5. Repeat steps twice a week (follow our user guide chart for better results!). 
6. Enjoy your self-care session, and see results within 8-12 weeks!

Product Details

Light source: Calibrated - Intense Pulsed Light
Screen: LCD
Intensity level: 1 to 5 adjustable level
Lifespan: 999,999 flashes, up to 5 years  (note*: flash count may be lower by a few counts, as Shero conducts random product testing to ensure our device quality. Please be informed that we disinfect our devices thoroughly after inspecting it).
Certification: CE & ROHS, FCC
User Gender: Universal
Shipment: 3- 5 days (May vary due to COVID-19)

Skin compatibility: