90 Day Money Back Policy

We are proud of our product and we wish to communicate effectively and clearly to our users regarding the knowledge and tips on achieving long lasting hair removal. Hence, we advise every user to track their SHERO C-IPL Hair removal progress with photos and follow the recommended frequency of treatment. You are welcome to DM us on our Instagram @sherobeauty.co or email us at info@shero.co to ask questions on hair removal treatment with SHERO.

  1. If hair removal result is not seen after 8 sessions (Minimum usage of 2 times per week being 1 session). A "90 days money back guarantee" is applicable, provided that the user has kept it for at least 60 days, no more than 90 days.

  2. Upon application of "90 days Money back guarantee", users are required to email us (info@shero.co) the following:

  • Name, contact number, serial number and date of item received.
  • Reason for applying money back guaranteed. 
  • Attach photos of treatment progress in the email where hair condition of pre-shave + pre- treatment with SHERO handset on the side where both subjects are clearly shown. Photo titled as "Before using SHERO". 
  • Photos of subsequent hair condition have to be 2 weeks apart which totaled to 4 photos over the span of 8 sessions. All the photos of hair condition pre-shave and pre-treatment have to be clearly seen with SHERO handset in the picture to be able to tell whether there's change and reduction in hair growth. (Privacy & confidentiality of users will be protected)
  • Valid date and timestamp of the photos are required to prove that user's have followed through the recommended frequency of usage. 

Our 90-day Money Back Guarantee is only applicable for our C-IPL Hair Removal Handset. Faulty devices are not subjected to "90 Days Money back guarantee" but 1 year warranty. Man-induced damage on devices is not subjected to "90 Days Money back guarantee" or 1 year warranty. Please refer to the Warranty section.

We will review your application and reply you with an approval email together with the mailing address. Once the item is returned in good condition (Box, user manual, eye protective glasses, SHERO Hair Removal handset and power plug), we will refund to you in full amount minus any transaction fees, within 2 weeks.

Users have to bear the postage for returning the items to SHERO.
If the application does not meet our return criteria, it will not be approved for a Money-back. Incomplete or illegible claims will not be eligible for a Money-back.