User Results and Testimonials

Shero Beauty would like to thank all of our users for taking the effort in documenting their experiences with our C-IPL hair removal handset and sharing their victory with us. We are grateful to be a part of your Shero journey.

Please note that, hair removal is a personal choice and not a beauty standard.
Let's respect everyone's personal choice towards their own body.

Arm results

Underarm results

Leg Results

Patience is key

I was super skeptical, but decided to give it a chance.
First two weeks, I was still skeptical as it was painless like a warm light.
I kept using till week 6, and I really saw patches of hair gone!


Well Done Team!

What I really appreciated was the team behind Shero.
They really help guided me throughout my Shero Journey.


Trusted online business

They are transparent with the capabilities and limits of the device.
That's why I believed in buying Shero compared to the other IPL ads I saw,
as I felt more informed about my purchase.