Warranty Policy

Our C-IPL permanent hair removal device have a valid warranty for one year. Note that the warranty of this device, along with power adapter, is 1 year from the date of your receipt. To be eligible for the warranty, please ensure to register your warranty information below within 14 days of receiving your product. Register your serial code within your user manual below to activate your warranty status. 

We may not provide a warranty or return service in the following cases:

  • Damages caused by uncontrollable factors, such as fire, natural disasters, and flood.
  • Device malfunctions or damages caused by actions of the buyer, such as dropping of device, spilling liquid on device, heavy forces exertion made towards the device or power adapter, or exceeding workload capabilities of the device etc.
  • Damages made by customer’s self-disassembly of the device, improper custody (such as rodent damage, liquid infiltration, etc.), improper use of power supply, or any other conditions beyond the controls of Shero Beauty.
  • This warranty does not extend to the purchase from third-party resellers that are not authorized under Shero Beauty.

Please do keep the original sales invoice in order to validate the warranty in the future. If your product has any defects or problems upon receiving the parcel, please first register the warranty form and then reach out to us at info@shero.co
Our Shero team will assist you in any questions or issues you may have with our device.