Benefits of Shaving & Can You Shave Every Day

Benefits of Shaving & Can You Shave Every Day?

All humans have body hair throughout our body, but the thickness and type of body hair differs based on your genes, gender, and etc. There are many hair removal methods around, and if shaving is the method you’re curious about, read on to find out about everything you need to know about shaving, including the benefits of shaving every day.

What are body hairs for?

Before finding out about the benefits of shaving, you’ll have to know why we have body hairs in the first place. There are various functions of body hair in different parts of the body. For instance, the body hair on our legs, arms, armpits and genitals are there to protect and prevent any form of chafing (friction).

For the most part, body hairs act as a thermoregulation, which is to react when it gets cold or warm. Apart from that, it also acts as a barrier against getting bitten by insects or bugs.

Benefits of Shaving & Can You Shave Every Day

Benefits of removing body hair

Sure, body hair can be attractive and beneficial to some, but there are also many benefits of removing body hair. Here are some of the common benefits:

1. Less sweating

Body hair will hold on to the sweat, making it even more sweaty and smelly. That’s the main reason why many people prefer shaving their body hair, especially when living in a country where it’s always humid.

2. Maintain a cleaner outlook

Most people view those with body hair as a messy, unclean person. If you have less body hair, not only will you look cleaner, but it is also easier to clean your hair rather than cleaning a thick bush. In the long run, there will be lesser dirt trapped in between the hair, preventing diseases or infections at the same time.

3. Better hygiene

You tend to have less body odour without body hair because hair tends to retain any form of dirt surrounding the air. Hence, for example, if you don’t shower often, your armpit tends to be smellier.

Benefits of shaving every day

Should you shave everyday? Now, there are various hair removal methods, and if you’re leaning towards shaving, here are the common benefits of shaving every day!

1. Can be done at anytime of the day

Unlike other methods such as waxing, shaving doesn’t require much preparation. All you need to do is prepare shaving cream or soap and water, grab your favourite razor, and you’re good to go!

2. It costs less

We all know how expensive it can get when it comes to other hair removal methods such as you need to buy the hot wax or for the methods which require a professional to do it such as laser hair removal.

For instance, SHERO Biodegradable Razors only costs RM8 for 3 and RM11 for 5.

3. It’s a painless experience

As long as you shave the right way, you will not experience any pain such as when you’re waxing. It’s also known as the least painful hair removal method because you’re only cutting the surface of the hair without touching the roots.

4. Get rid of dead skin cells

With your dead skin cells removed, your skin will appear younger. This is primarily because it will help regulate the keratin and melanin production. The increase of melanin helps to protect your skin against the sun as well.

5. Reduce acne

When you shave regularly, if you have oily skin, the oil production will be balanced out and reduce the amount of acne. For those who don’t know, hair tends to retain moisture, hence with the absence of hair, you will sweat less and reduce the oil production.

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Disadvantages of shaving every day

Disadvantages of shaving every day

Just like the other hair removal methods, there are cons of shaving every day. Below are some of the common issues people face when shaving every day:

1. May cause ingrown hair, itching or inflamed hair follicles

This is only the case if you use a shaver that is rusty or perhaps you’ve accidentally shaved too hard while pressing onto your skin.

2. Last for only less than 3 days

Your hair will grow in 1 or 2 days because you’re just cutting on the skin area, not the roots. Hence, you will need to shave every day anyway as it will grow pretty fast, unless you don’t mind the hair being visible.

3. Can cause rough skin

Since you will only be shaving the surface of the hair and not touching the roots, it can feel rough when touched. This is even worse when you have sensitive skin.

Shaving frequently asked questions

Can you shave every day?

Are you wondering, is it bad to shave every day? As long as you shave the right way. Nothing will go wrong if you happen to shave every day.

Should you shave every day?

Ultimately, it depends on you. Since shaving only cuts the surface of the hair and it grows pretty quickly, if you don’t shave every day, it might be visible.

How to prevent ingrown hairs when shaving?

Make sure the razor you're using is sharp enough. Besides that, you can try applying shaving gel or cream a few minutes before shaving as it will soften your hair. You should also try exfoliating or cleansing your skin to remove any dead skin.

How to stop bleeding from shaving?

You can consider using an aftershave, applying lip balm or use ice cubes around the area after shaving. Aside from that, you can apply a towel that has been placed in warm water and apply it on the cut. This should stop the bleeding immediately (if it already happened).

Should I use shaving soap or shaving cream?

Though both work the same, shaving soap tends to be less moisturising than shaving cream. Therefore, those with normal or oily skin would find shaving soap to work fine. As for shaving creams, those with sensitive skin would benefit the most because they are usually infused with hydrating or moisturising ingredients such as Vitamin E or aloe vera.

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