• "This is not a magical product. You need to understand the technology, so you can trust the process. It took me about 6 weeks to really see the results of hair reduction and slow growth. I am really happy with the results at week 11 now. Just trust the process and results will prevail!"

    Liz Zheng

  • "I am so happy to have found Shero through Bay! I used to see ads for IPL hair removals and thought they are too good to be true! I used it on my upper lips and noticed it's already stop growing, and its been just 2 and half weeks in!"

    Jeanie Ming

  • "This SHERO product is AMAZING. Like it’s a miracle. More people should know about it!! It’s honestly so effective...makes me wonder why I spent all that money previously on clinic lasers 😅😭"


  • "I’m sooo happy! I haven’t shave for more than 3 months! Occasionaly, a few strands will grow here and there. Then I will try to focus on those parts more. I am very very happy with my underarm results! Cant wait to achieve the same with my stubborn leg hair."

    Jass Lin

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