CPL Permanent Hair Removal

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CPL technology is designed for safe usage in the comfort of our own home with the safest light wavelength that is harmless to our skin. Instead of harmful UVs and energy levels that could do damage to our skin tissues and DNA, CPL uses a light frequency and wavelength that are calibrated perfectly to aim only at hair follicles beneath our skin and nothing beyond or above that!

Due to non-UV and non-radiation nature of S H E R O’s CPL, we no longer need cooling gel during a laser treatment. S H E R O’s CPL can be used at anytime, anywhere we are comfortable, as a part of our beauty routines in this new and coming era.

Product Details:

Light source: Calibrated Pulsed Light
Intensity level: 1 to 5 adjustable level
Lifespan: 800,000 flashes, up to 3 years 
Certification: CE & ROHS, FCC
User Gender: Universal
Shipment: 3- 5 days (May vary due to COVID-19)